Paragliding in Kamshet (Classic Tandem)


From ₹2,950


Ideal for: Couples, Family, Groups, Tourists, Solo Explorers
Where: Kamshet
When: All days of the week
Duration: 8 to 10 minutes


Weekdays: Rs. 2,950 per person
Weekends: Rs. 3,540 per person


What You Get

  • 8 to 10 minutes of flying with a trained and experienced paragliding instructor
  • Use of all safety equipment and flying gear

Things To Know

  • Children below 6 years of age will not be allowed to fly.
  • As this experience is weather dependent, bookings may be cancelled or rescheduled due to unfavourable weather conditions.
  • If the flight is cancelled due to unfavourable or technical reasons, you will receive a full refund.


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Dinesh More
December 24, 2017

It is a lifetime experience

It is a lifetime experience. The view from the sky of the beautiful mountains and other gliders is really awesome.
The flight was really comfortable and smooth unlike it looks like from ground.
Suggestions for first timers: It is recommended to reach the site as early as possible in the morning.. as the flying is totally dependent on the wind conditions and your weight. We reached the site around 9 am and had to wait till 11 am for my turn. Heavy weights may have to wait for more time for they need heavy winds to fly. Lighter ones get an early chance as lighter winds are sufficient for them to get the lift. One thing which needs to be understood is this is totally weather dependent and no one has control on it.. so better reach the place early in the morning so that u get more time to get the favourable conditions for you to fly.
You won’t regret being waiting tough!

Sanjay Paranjape
December 17, 2017

Overall an amazing experience everyone should experience

Flying has always intrigued me & hence my first experience of flying was @extreme skydiving at Las Vegas.besides the skydiving experience i was blown over by their professionalism and passion n i always used to wonder if I can get a similar experience in India and i must say Temple Pilots was awesomeness personified indeed from the moment I booked it online

Afiya the 1st person from Leisurekart i spoke on the phone was professional and knew her stuff well ..

She then directed me to Sayali bhide who was there with me virtually from here till the point i came back from the tandem flight

Sayali resonates passion for work & was eager to pick up my call n guide early 5 am today

God bless her & templepilots..Keep up the great work

Once u reach kamsheth the templepilots team take over ..

Robin was informative n so was the rest of the team

Robin helps u coordinate with the tata sumo driver which drops u from rangoli restaurant to the flying site

Wind conditions & your weight decide how quick can you fly, i had to wait as the winds slowed down seeing me there i believe.

But once we got acquainted the winds blew hard & i was ready to soar in the skies

My instructor ganesh was himself very comfortable & assuring throughout the flight,conversing throughout the flight

Nothing is as exciting as soaring the skies & this experience was as exhilarating too

Overall an amazing experience everyone should

Tip: it will be still better if Temple Pilots can take ownership of transport for the trip too as it's cumbersome for solo flyers

Vidya Iyer
November 21, 2017

Awesome experience

Overall Awesome experience while paragliding today! well trained pilot’s and it’s simply peaceful while flying.

Pranav Golatkar
March 18, 2017

The feeling of flying in the air is awesome

I had a wonderful experience. The flight site itself is at a beautiful location. The sight is parallel to Pawna Lake. In the evening the sun sets right in front of you behind Kathingad a.k.a Tung Fort.
The tandem flight was worth an experience. The feeling of flying in the air is awesome. I loved the whole experience. The team members were generous enough to drop me till Kamshet as there was no public transport available in the evening.

Thanks a lot guys for the whole experience.

Ankkit Chaudhry
January 30, 2017

Great trainers and a must have experience

A very professional flying team. Very great trainers and a must have experience. It’s MADE IN INDIA. We Indians always trust foreign trainers for such activities but ultimately forget we are the best of all. Leisurekart has it for us here!

Nimish Elex
January 30, 2017

Everything was good except the proper information of transit

Everything was good except the proper information of transit. Luckily I opted for the transit arranged by paying extra 1000/-. But there were many who tried to reach the destination by their own vehicle and got stuck in between due to the road condition.

Niketa Dabir
May 3, 2016

Awesome is the word!

It was the best decision I ever took! The staff is very welcoming and trained. Paragliding is awesome and the organisers just made it even more awesome.
Awesome is the word! This is something that everyone must experience!

Atharva Deshpande
May 2, 2016

Too awesome!

Paragliding experience is too awesome!! The staff is very efficient, highly trained and organised. They are very friendly and they give utmost importance to safety.. And YOU MUST try this out for once!! It is THAT AWESOME!!!

Gaurav Sahu
April 22, 2016

Awesome experience

Thats really awesome to fly like a bird with trained pilot….all people at spot are so good so cooperative specially trainer…yes…your ride is totally depends on wind pressure…and u have to wait for hour so have patience for it bcs once u there in air…then u forget everything….!! Thanks to the management team to handle everything at the spot very smoothly and perfectly….

Amarjit Gupta
January 11, 2016

Must go...

Well the coordination is really great, done by the team, however the experience really depends on the wind pressure and weather conditions, if you are lucky to get good wind pressure then it is worth the experience and you would feel like coming again and again. Pilots are really good and cooperative.Must go for it.

Ashish Jajodia
December 25, 2015

Flying experience was very good

The organisers & the pilots were experienced.& well managed. They were very co-operative for special requests and took care of all aspects. The flying experience was very good and would look to do a repeat again some time.

Suneel Aradhye
December 24, 2015

Awesome experience

Tandem ride today was an awesome experience. Wind was just right and the expertise demonstrated by the instructors was too good in the air as well as by way of smooth landing and take off. Safety was never a doubt, look forward to many more such experiences in different seasons!

Mohammad Haseeb Khan
April 1, 2015

Awesome paragliding experience

It was an awesome experience paragliding. I was awestruck with the view of the lake & mountains that we get from the bird’s eye view. The fact that its just you & your pilot in the sky with no external strings attached simply left me amazed. Though I had selfie stick with me but i went for air borne video shoot with their go pro camera by paying additional amount as it had excellent clarity. I had booked it online & was impressed the way it was co-ordinated by the Leisurekart team. The pilots were very well experienced & more important is that they were very soft spoken, well behaved & very friendly. I definitely would do it again but this time i would be joining their paragliding training course.

Momena Khan
April 1, 2015

Amazing experience flying high

I had an amazing experience flying high. Initially I had no intention of paragliding but my husband likes adventure sports & he wanted me to join him so he booked for me too. Initially i was a bit scared to fly but as soon i took off i was astonished by the beauty of the land & lake from top. More ever my pilot really made me comfortable during my flight by sharing his experience of paragliding.

Sabreen Khan
April 1, 2015

Amazing experience

It was an amazing experience. Well organised and coordinated. The Pilots are great, friendly, experienced and trained. They were very particular with safety! The location was beautiful! One can enjoy the beauty of nature while flying high. The best part is that leisurekart was in constant touch with us until we reached the destination!! Thumbsup to the Team!!

Akeel Khan
April 1, 2015

Breath taking experience

Good pilots , the location was beautiful , breath taking experience , it is a must do for those who love nature and adventure … keep up the good work Leisurekart…..Kudos!!

From ₹2,950

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