Kolad River Rafting and Bungee Jumping

Kolad River Rafting and Bungee Jumping

Kolad River Rafting and Bungee Jumping is the ultimate combination of adventure activities in Kolad. You can do both the activities in the same day making it an ideal adventure packed day trip itinerary. Adventure enthusiasts now visit Kolad not just for river rafting. Bungee jumping attracts several adventure seekers to Kolad. The option to do both the activities in Kolad makes it a perfect destination.


River Rafting
Weekdays: ₹ 1,000 per person
Weekends: ₹ 1,500 per person

Bungee Jumping
All days: ₹ 2,300 per person

Kolad River Rafting & Bungee Jumping - Timings

Reporting time for river rafting is 8:30 am

Bungee Jumping is available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (till sunset).

Kolad River Rafting and Bungee Jumping - Suggested Itinerary

Option 1: River rafting in the morning and bungee jumping in the afternoon
8:30 am – Report at the river rafting start point.

1:00 pm – Rafting gets over (you will get free with river rafting latest by 1:00 pm)

1:00 pm to 1:30 pm – Drive from the river rafting end point to the bungee jumping venue.

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm – Bungee jumping (you can do bungee jumping anytime till 6:00 pm or till sunset).

Option 2: Bungee jumping in the morning and river rafting in afternoon (NOT POSSIBLE ON ALL DAYS)
This option is possible on very few select weekends during monsoon season when an afternoon batch for river rafting is conducted. The reporting time for afternoon river rafting is 12:45 pm. In this case, you can arrive at the bungee jumping location at 10:00 am and do bungee jumping first. After bungee jumping, you can drive to the river rafting start point for river rafting.

Kolad River Rafting and Bungee Jumping - Google Map Locations

Kolad river rafting start point Google Map location: https://g.page/riverraftingkolad-raftingstartpo

Kolad bungee jumping Google Map location: https://goo.gl/maps/K6BHZdPvbjGqxvRaA

Useful Distances

From rafting end point to bungee jumping venue: Approx. 8 km
From rafting start point to bungee jumping venue: Approx. 24 km

Detailed Information

For detailed information on both the activities, please also checkout our dedicated guides on river rafting and bungee jumping.

Click here to view the Kolad River Rafting guide.

Click here to view the Kolad Bungee Jumping guide.


Yes. You can do river rafting and bungee jumping in Kolad in one day. You can do river rafting in the morning and bungee jumping in the afternoon.

The price for river rafting in Kolad is ₹ 1,000 per person on weekdays and ₹ 1,500 per person on weekends. The price for bungee jumping in Kolad is ₹ 2,300 per person.

Bungee jumping takes approx. 20 to 30 minutes per person.

Absolutely. At the bungee jumping venue, a variety of adventure water sports are available. You can indulge in activities like kayaking, river crossing, zip line, bumper ride, banana boat ride, jet ski ride and more.

Yes. Lunch can be arranged at the bungee jumping venue. Both veg and non veg buffet lunch is available. The price for the same is Rs. 300 per person.



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