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Dinesh More

December 24, 2017

It is a lifetime experience

It is a lifetime experience. The view from the sky of the beautiful mountains and other gliders is really awesome.
The flight was really comfortable and smooth unlike it looks like from ground.
Suggestions for first timers: It is recommended to reach the site as early as possible in the morning.. as the flying is totally dependent on the wind conditions and your weight. We reached the site around 9 am and had to wait till 11 am for my turn. Heavy weights may have to wait for more time for they need heavy winds to fly. Lighter ones get an early chance as lighter winds are sufficient for them to get the lift. One thing which needs to be understood is this is totally weather dependent and no one has control on it.. so better reach the place early in the morning so that u get more time to get the favourable conditions for you to fly.
You won’t regret being waiting tough!

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