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Prithwijit Kundu

April 10, 2017

The experience was superb

I took a 7:00 to 9:00 slot on a lazy Sunday morning. The booking was easy and I got a call almost immediately from a customer service guy who confirmed the booking and explained me the rules and regulations. I got a message on my registered number and e-mail almost immediately after the briefing from customer service. The two of us reached at the scheduled time and was received by the sailor himself. The guy Pradeep was a well behaved, calm and composed. I was impressed with following things:
1. The guys are fantastic with their sense of timing. No delays at all. This is highly impressive.
2. The condition of the McGregor yacht was impeccable.
3. The sailor assigned to us was a great guy and made our sailing experience even better.
Overall, the experience was superb and I would recommend everybody to try this.

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