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Alihusain Sadriwala

July 13, 2016

Really good for a first timer to river rafting

The rapids are not that thrilling and dangerous as they’re told to be. Most of the ride is a straightforward one in gentle currents without much bumps. But considering the fact that it’s not a mountainous region like the Himachal, you can’t expect much.

The place is remote too with no restaurants nearby and the finishing point too far (20kms) from the starting point.

Also, at the end we have to carry the raft from the river bank at end point up a hill where we have to take a rick back to starting point which is super tiring considering last 20 min of the river raft we have to peddle only as the water is pretty still. This is something we could’ve really done without!!! Hope this is done by the authorities themselves rather than the rafters.

Although overall, really good for a first timer to river rafting, but can’t see myself going for it for a second time.

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