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Nitin Amin

August 25, 2015

Amazing experience

Amazing Experience. Never thought the whole experience will be so professional. But Nicely Done. Even the cross selling concepts like taking snaps and videos of the rafters were nicely in place.

We went for a 1 day tour and dint really had any big hiccups throughout the day. Being a Saturday, we face a lot of crowd but it was smoothly coordinated, atleast at the rafting area. Lots of positive points :

1. A Good Rafting Guide
2. Pictures and Videos taken on regular intervals during the raft.
3. Lunch at Pooja Farms was pretty good and Hygienic,
4. Good safety measures adopted during all the activities, i.e rafting, kayaking and zip line.
5. Nicely coordinated chain of activities before you actually visit the place with all the details such as address and flow of activities well received on our mobile.

Points for improvement:
1. Not a single person from Leisurekart was present at the venue. Their presence would had helped coordinate things faster and would had guided us well, particularly knowing that there was no mobile network.
2. Though carrying the raft out of the river and into the river was good experience. I believe this should be done by the people who give the service and not by the guests,
3. Kayaking experience could have been better if there was better management. Long wait and no one taking responsibility of acknowledging your presence and your turn for the activity.
4. River Crossing could have better holding ropes.

Overall, Leisurekart seems to be a professional bunch of people and I am sure they can adopt these improvements quickly.

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