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Sagar Patel

May 5, 2015


The xprnce was Jz amazing in all ways …
Is was perfect .. But Jz 1 thing is actually needed that if u want to celebrt a bdae or a date Soo it’s Jz Dt a better Decrtn is needed .. The Decrtn done on the boat isn’t enghf .. I jus had to pay a 100 for the decrtn .. I prsn celebrtn I spse want mind spndng more on it .. Soo do chrg more for it , but get smethng more better … Alcohol is Jz not allowed up thr .. Hope it soon gets allowd , so incase of thrwng a bdaebash .. It’s gonna be awsme Soo finally will rate the xpnce as 7/10 ..

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Featured in Media

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